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390, route de Dommartin

01570 MANZIAT -France


+33 (0)3 85 36 12 58

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Corrugator Ø4 – Ø15mm

Corrugator Ø6 – Ø63mm

Corrugator Ø40 – Ø250mm


Flat & tubular netting

Mono & Bi Orientation

New Range

Extrusion tubes annelés

Ø8 au Ø50mm

Fondé en 1983 par Alain COURANT, Corelco s’est rapidement imposé sur le marché mondial de la plasturgie en tant que fabricant de ligne d’extrusion avec une part d’exportation d’environ 70%. Au fil des années Corelco a su relever tous les challenges techniques lui permettant d’acquérir une notoriété avec une volonté d’anticiper l’avenir en adoptant des idées novatrices faisant d’elle aujourd’hui un des acteurs incontournables de la profession.

Our Services

- Validation of the conformity of the products with respect to the customers entered: weight per meter, Product appearance, size, shape of the mesh, mechanical characteristics. - Validation of the proper functioning of the production line in relation to the customer entered: processes, production speed or throughput speed, electrical specific requests, automation... etc.
Two to three people, engineers and / or technician will be formed during the reception for a period running from 3 to 5 days. The objective of this training is for the customer’s staff to be able to install and start production on their own site in the best possible conditions.
- Start of the line, study of the general production process, emergency shutdown, and process shutdown. - All components of the production line will be approached, at the functional, electrical and automation level. - Tooling change, parameters of frequency settings for extruding head. - Generic cabling cabinets. -Implantation of the line, electrical connections, air and water. - Preventive maintenance. - Technical documentation will be provided by Corelco.
To optimize the quality of products, materials tests may be made at the customer's request. These tests should be planned in advance. Specific materials will be sent to Corelco by the customer.



Civil Engineering


Partner of Your Productivity