Burried networks protection

The Civil Engineering market, the HDPE double walled corrugated pipe is characterized by two types of production:

  • Coil production with pulling wire 25 to 50m
  • Bar production, 6 m long without pulling wire

Smooth inner wall and corrugated outer wall

The product range begins at Dia40 and ends at Dia250mm


Extrusion lines are distinguished by two criteria, the speed of production and the mode of production, that is Bars or Coils.

  • The production rate depends on the cooling capacity of the corrugator, the longer the corrugator is, the better its cooling capacity will be. Thus each corrugator is available in 3 or 4 lengths. CL-LL-SL (Short – Long – Long Long – Super Long)
  • bar production 6m without pulling wire

Production in Coils requires a winder, automatic or semi-automatic depending on production speeds. The inner skin is adapted to allow an adequate bending radius.

Bar production requires a saw and a reception bench instead of the winder. The inner skin will be adapted to provide the desired rigidity.

EC63 corrugator – Dia 40-63mm

Corrugators Tubes Ø mm mold pairs HDPE speed
m/min Kg/h
EC63L 40-50-63 65 12 100
EC63LL 93 16 180
EC63SLL 121 20 250

Corrugator EC160 – Dia 40-160mm

corrugators Tubes Ø mm mold pairs PEHD speed
m/min Kg/h
EC6160L 40-50-63-75-90-110-125-140-160 65 10 230
EC160LL 58 16 350
EC160SL 74 17 410
EC160MLV 82 17 470

Corrugator EC260 – Dia 63-250mm

Corrugators Tubes Ø mm mold pairs PEHD speed
m/min Kg/h
EC260C 63-75-90-110-125-140-160-200-250 38 9 230
EC60L 44 12 290
EC60LL 56 14 450