Fluid Transfer & Electrical Beams

Extrusion lines – Fluid Transfer

Vacuum extrusion & Sequential mode

Variable mould blocks speed for thickness control.
Variable Chain Length for scrap limitation.
Variable Vacuum for extrusion optimization.

  • water
  • vapeur
  • air
  • windshield washer


Fluid Transfer


Øi Min mm Øe Max mm Chaîne Max mm
EC14 4 15 3480
EC32 5 25 6500
EC50 6 50 5258
EC63 8 63 5258


Øi = inner diameter of the tube
Ed = Outside diameter of the tube

Extrusion lines – Wiring Harness

Øi Min mm Øe Max mm Chaîne Max mm Vitesse de production M/min
EC14 4 15 3480 up to 30
EC32 5 25 6500 up to 40
EC50 6 50 5258 up to 30
EC63 8 63 5258 up to 20

Wiring harnesses or slit tubes are extruded either Polypropylene or Polyamide according to their position in their temperature resistance. Their corrugated profile associated to their low weight gives them great flexibility adapted to their use. A colored co-extruded line can be integrated for quick visual identification.
If needed, wiring harness can be packaged in coils or octabins.