Extrusion netting

Netting Technology

Extrusion head so called “beating head” to produce all kinds of plastic netting with square or rectangular mesh with or without molecular orientations. This technology comes in two families, flat nets produced by extrusion lines LG type and tubular nets produced by extrusion lines LGT type.


LG1 – LG2 – LG3 – Bio2000 – Tubular LG

Lines type LG1 – LG2 – LG3 are available in 2 processes, NO & MONO.
NO = Not Oriented, the net will suffer no molecular orientation
MONO = Mono Oriented, the net will receive a longitudinal orientation to give it a very good tear resistance.

The line BIO2000 is unique and versatile. Unique because it is the only range that produces Bi Oriented netting, longitudinal and transverse molecular orientation.
Versatile as it covers all three methods, NO – MONO – BIO.

Our equipments

  • Heads
  • Profile Generator
  • Cooling tanks
  • Machine Direction Orientation (MDO) – Mono Orientation unit
  • Transverse Direction Orientation (TDO) – Bi Orientation unit
  • Semi-automatic and automatic winder

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