Site Markup Mono Oriented
signaling networks warning grids Mono Oriented
Growing net, beans, cucumbers, flowers Bi-Oriented
Mosquito net Bi-Oriented
Fencing net non-Oriented and Bi-Oriented
Arboreal Protective mesh Bi-Oriented
Tree protection, anti-rodent Non Oriented
Turf Support Bi Oriented
Harvest net Bi-Oriented
Reinforcing film for greenhouse Bi-Oriented
Net for fish farming Mono Oriented
Oyster pockets Non Oriented
Paper coating, carpeting Bi Oriented
Water treatment and filtration

Non Oriented netting examples

Garden fence

Mosquito net

Mono Oriented fence Examples

Site markup

Burried network
warning grids

Bi-Oriented fences Examples

Sports field fencing

Agriculture net, anti-birds

Tubular fence Examples

Tubular net, industrial use

Tubular net
potable water filtration