Extrusion of nettings

Water Filtration

Tube netting structures are mainly used in the application fields of air filtration, drinking water and industrial fluids.

Depending on the type of applications, the nettings of tabular structures are extruded with different materials in order to meet the technical requirements of the application: PP-PE-PVC-PA

DCylindrical or rectangular, thin or thick, this technology offers many possibilities.

The advantages of tube netting

  • Rigid
  • Noncorrosive
  • Chemical inertia
  • Temperature resistant
  • Compatible with other materials

El proceso

SIt is a smart combination between the rigid tube extrusion technology and tube and the netting extrusion technology.
The basic process remains unchanged except that the extrusion place in horizontal position instead of vertical.

Composition of the line:

Extruder–Extrusion head- Profile generator– Cooling bath– Haul off – Cutter

The Range

Tube Netting Process – The range

Líne Diametre Max flow Material
LGT1 20 to 120 mm Up to 100 kg/h PP – PE
LGT2 120 to 240 mm Up to 200 kg/h PP – PE