Pre insulated water pipe

Pre insulated water pipe – In line process

Energy saving is the one of the most important aim of the 21st century.

Pre-insulated water pipe is the right answer for energy saving and can be implemented for all hot & cold water networks, such as:
Hot & cold sanitary water
Drinking water
Thermal water
Chilled water


System composition

  • 1 Water pressure pipe, PE100, PEX, PexAlPex, PB, Copper…
  • 1 Corrugated pipe as mechanical protection of the foam.
  • 1 Insulating foam, PE,PB…
  • 1 Heating cable
  • 1 Tube to be fed by a detectable wire to detect the system from the ground.


  • Energy saving
  • Guaranted waterproofness
  • Resistance to temperatures from -25 ° C to + 90 ° C depending on the polymers used and the standards to be met
  • System ready to be used

Le process

In line process, the corrugation line is down the straight line

  • Extrusion of the water pressure pipe
  • Addition of the heating cable + the pipe + the foam
  • Extrusion of the corrugated pipe around the pre insulated water pipe
  • Coiling of the pre insulated water pressure pipe

In some cases, corrugation extrusion could be made off line starting from coils of pre-insulated pipe.

The range

Corrugatormodel Corrugated pipe Water pipe Foam Kg/h
EC 160LV Ø 40-160 Ø 32-75 * 250
EC 260LV Ø 63-250 Ø 32-100 * 300

Foam specifications are part of customer requirements according to technical standard to be acheived.